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Announcing for Summer 2015—Place one order for multiple-campus class schedules! Our web site now allows you to order books from multiple campuses at one time and in one place. You can do this through Comparison Shopping or Shop Bookstore Only below. You can also designate one pick-up campus or have your books shipped out for one shipping charge. Our web site also lets you know which books have money-saving rental available.

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Click the button below to expand your buying options! Compare prices on your course materials between Valencia and top online retailers all in one place. Not only can you see price comparisons between Valencia and others, but you can place orders on this same page if you so choose.

Please remember that by ordering from Valencia, you are getting the exact course materials required by your instructors. While you might find a lower price from non-Valencia booksellers on a few books through Comparison Shopping, you don’t always get the right book at the right time as you do with Valencia! Please note that if you order from non-Valencia sellers, you will charged by someone else, and your course material will not be filled by Valencia.

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Planning on buying all your books from the bookstore? With pick-up, shipping, and returns, you won't find a more convenient way to get your course materials.

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